Our current exhibition by Ditte Ejlerskov is drawing the attention of the critics

Have a look at a selection of extracts from Politiken, Magasinet Kunst, Kunsten.nu, Weekendenavisen and Sydsvenskan

On the 12th of February, we opened the exhibition “The Cult of Oxytocin” which has impressed both the guests and the critics. Take a look at some of the art critics’ experiences here:

“The outcome is conditioned by whether you dare to involve yourself and put yourself into play in the dramaturgy of the exhibition – as the sensing humans that we should be but not always are. If you do, you’ll feel that the ‘Cult of Oxytocin’ makes sense all the way through its process. It is held up by one idea: the idea that an artwork isn’t a passive object that is only to be viewed from the outside. Rather, it’s our partner in an emotional dialogue where – if we dare – make out the other part”.

Politiken, Peter Michael Hornung

“Even though the 3D-figurines are static, they come to life with the soft voice of a woman who tells me that it’s time to step into my innate divinity. The melodically ringing score is enchanting and it’s almost impossible for me to detach myself from the artwork. I listen to the meditation three times”.

Magasinet Kunst, Esther-Marie Beyer Carlsson

”Through her virtual edition of the artwork, Ejlerskov has transformed the 2,000 year old Greek models into two female wrestlers in the same position. But by working digitally, she has been able to separate the competitors who start to reflect a feeling of poetic loneliness when you see them by themselves in several formats. The desire to fight gets a different glow, the oxytocin and the deprivation of touch sneaks into the motif; war is also touching”.

kunsten.nu, Sune Anderberg

“Her grading colour paintings in the ship of the church almost make you fall into a trance. They are quite simple really. Two colors meet in a series of paintings if you stand right in front of them, the colors will melt into each other and turn into less complementary versions of themselves. It can be difficult to surrender yourself to the pure sensuousness  when you’re in a public space with strangers all around you, but the tall ceilings and the hyper-white space are well known to serve spiritual purposes, and the effects of Nikolaj Church make themselves known. Your shoulders relax, your eyes rest, your brain stops trying to understand everything”.

Weekendavisen, Stine Nørgaard Lykkebo

"Ejlerskov has disarmed the strength by giving the men head of women. She then 3D-printed the transformed group in a series of miniatures. And not least, she freed the top wrestler. This take is ingenious when the body reappears in unexpected angles and details on large wool rugs that are interspersed with the paintings on the walls”.

Sydsvenskan, Thomas Millroth