Come join us for the opening of three new exhibitions

Very soon we will open three new exhibitions at Nikolaj Kunsthal. We celebrate this with a party and free entry on Friday 16 September.

We look forward to welcoming you to the opening of three new exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal.

You can look forward to experiencing:

- a new major work by Thorbjørn Lausten. The work entitled "DRIFT" functions as a total installation at the Lower Gallery and consists of a series of large video projections that visualise marine and atmospheric data from the sea/waters between Iceland, Greenland and the western part of the Baltic Sea. These are conditions that are of great importance to our climate and living conditions. The exhibition has been created in collaboration with Esbjerg Art Museum. 

- CryptoPong, a group exhibition that presents Danish and international artists who have in common that they in different ways pioneers in the field of XR art (VR, AR, 3D, NFT). The exhibition is curated by Radar Contemporary and features contributions from Lawrence Lek (UK), Claudia Hart (US), Carla Gannis (US), Jonas Kasper Jensen (DK), White Male Artist aka Cassils (CA/US) and Eve Sussman | (US), Ida Kvetny (DK) and Diana Velasco (ES/DK).

- a young artist whose artistic practice revolves around everything from the role and power of tech giants in the globalized world to Generation Z’s fan art and youth culture. With a curious and humorous approach, Anna Ørberg examines the supply chains and the workforce that underlie the enormous amount of data that our actions are turned into every day in the information society. 

Everyone is welcome Friday September 16 from 16:00-20:00. Dj: Sara Vita. Food/drinks: Depanneur