Planet VR

In the period 20-31 August, you can experience a small handful of works that are significant in their own right and commendable in relation to the development of immersive VR experiences.

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Under the heading “Planet VR”, Nikolaj Kunsthal presents in the period 20–31 August a small handful of works that are significant and commendable in their own right in relation to the development of immersive VR experiences.

The works – which you can read more about below – can be experienced for a relatively short period, and there is only a limited number of tickets available for each session.
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Welcome back to ”The Doghouse” 
The ground-breaking and award-winning work ”The Doghouse” (2014) is a bit of a VR classic that invites you to a family dinner for five. The dinner table is equipped with VR glasses and headphones. As soon as you put on the glasses, a film starts in which all participants play their own parts: Mum and dad have invited the family for a roast. Big brother has brought his new girlfriend home for the first time. And little brother is doing his utmost to steer the dinner clear off the inevitable disaster. Experience or re-experience the VR first mover “The Doghouse”, which had its premiere in Nikolaj Kunsthal almost ten years ago.

Behind ”The Doghouse” is Director and Screenwriter Johan Knattrup Jensen, Producer Mads Damsbo (Makropol) and Dark Matters. 

There is room for five participants per screening. There is a screening every hour starting from 11 AM. Price: DKK 45,00 (+ fee). 

Find your tickets for "The Doghouse" here 

What does the hangman think about when he walks home from work at night?
“We Are at Home” (2021) is a multi-user virtual reality experience that explores the awkward intimacy of being human. Inspired by Carl Sandburg’s iconic poem from 1922, this VR experience explores themes of recognition and participation. It’s not about hanging people but about the awkward intimacy of being human as well as the connection being an observer, a witness and an accomplice. The animated and immersive experience invites you into five interwoven stories that capture decisive moments in the lives of five people. "We Are at Home" reveals that we humans have far more in common than you would expect.
“We Are at Home” has been written, directed and designed by Michelle & Uri Kranot and co-producered by Danish Late Love Production, French Miyu Productions and Floréal Films as well as National Film Board of Canada. 
There is room for four participants per screening. There is a screening every hour. First screening at  11 AM. Price: DKK 45,00 (+ fee).

Find your tickets for “We Are at Home” here


Visit the Fukushima Daiichi Accident – Completely without Radiation Danger
"Fukushima: The Home That Once Was" (2022) is a VR documentary film that makes it possible to visit some of the towns and villages inside the Fukushima Prefecture of which some were brutally and forever changed in the wake of the nuclear accident at Fukushima Daiichi back in March 2011. Equipped with a VR headset, the viewer can move freely around some of the towns and villages nearby the abandoned accident site. Along the way, the viewer encounters former residents who share their memories of losing their home, the importance of community and their special connection to the land.

The screening of "Fukushima: The Home That Once Was" is a single user experience, and unlike the two films above, it does not require a special reservation in advance.

Timo Wright, Director & Executive Producer (Finland), Ada Johnsson, Producer (Finland), XR Production house, Khora (Denmark), Peter Fisher, Co-producer (Denmark), Kohei Okada, Co-director (Japan), Junko Takahashi, Assistant Director (Japan).


From "Fukushima: The Home That Once Was" (2022)
From "The Doghouse" (2014)
From “We Are at Home” (2021)