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Sisters Hope - Sensuous City

The performancegroup Sisters Hope takes you on a deep, sensuous journey into the city’s poetic cracks

You are part of a ritual walk and performance that will help you find a sensuality in our way of being present in the city and in the world. Contrary to the idea of the big, alienating metropolis, Sisters Hope brings us into contact with the close, the material and the aesthetic of the big city.

In 24 hours, you will explore the city in small groups. The walks are led by Sisters Hopes performers: The Image of The Hanged Man, The Invitation, Wo(man) and others. Before you leave, they make sure that you are initiated into all that you need to bring on the poetic and sensual walk.

Along the way, there will be meals and the night will be spent in Nikolaj Kunsthal. Here, you sink deep into sleep or gather for night rituals in and from the sacred space from the former church with space for high-flying thoughts and deep reflections.

Since Sisters Hope first ventured into the city two years ago, they have continued exploring the sensuous layers of the city. They have, among other things, examined the relationship between stones and bodies as the city’s building blocks, the layers of time in the city, the city from the child’s perspective and the city’s statues as symbols of power.

During the walk, you will explore the city’s sensuous elements. Which stories, atmospheres, movements, emotions are hidden between the bricks? You carry out active basic research, you bring your discoveries back with you, and the objects are exhibited in display cases for other visitors.

We live in a time of transition where the world situation has made us question what we know. With Sensuous City, you help rethink and create alternatives to the society we live in. Your discoveries lay the foundation for new dreams and visions of the city of the future – a city in a Sensual Society.

Sensuous City was created by Sisters Hope in collaboration with Metropolis – Copenhagen International Theater and Nikolaj Kunsthal with support from the Danish Arts Foundation, the City of Copenhagen and the Inner City Local Committee.

Where: Lower Gallery
When: 14 July - 26 July 2021