Nikolaj Tower is under renovation. Have a guided tour with our VR headset instead

In collaboration with the production studio Khora, we have developed a headset offering a virtual tour of the view from our closed tower.

Unfortunately, due to renovation, the Nikolaj Tower is temporarily closed. At the time of writing, we do not know exactly when it will be possible to access the old church tower again.

Fortunately, we have – together with the award-winning VR and AR production studio Khora – developed a virtual tour of the Nikolaj Tower.

So come in and try out our VR headset. It will send you all the way to the top – with a terrific panoramic view at a height of 35 meters. From here, there is a view of the whole Copenhagen. Along the way, the story of the historic tower on Nikolaj Plads will be unfolded in images as well as sound.