More Platform. From April 9th we welcome artist Mette Riise and curator Rebecca Krasnik

Nikolaj Kunsthal has opened a completely new exhibition-space, solely dedicated to the contemporary art of the future. Mette Riise and Rebecca Krasnik are the artist/curator duo that is next up to take on Platform

Between April 9th and May 22nd, guests of Nikolaj Kunsthal will be able to experience the exhibition “The Less Unsustainable Talkshow” with stories about green transition and economic growth – overly simplified, turned upside down and disassembled.

Mette Riise presents her newest cinematic work. She uses a documentary-like take, fictional staging and critical satire with which she follows the production of a talk show about the environmental report “The Limits to Growth” from 1972. The exhibition, curated by Rebecca Krasnik, challenges the capitalistic growth paradigms and investigates the need for alternative narratives and worldviews.