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Foo/Skou - Disharmony of Spheres

The Upper Gallery in Nikolaj Kunsthal is transformed into a visual and interactive total work. With the exhibtion ”Disharmony of Spheres”,  the artist duo FOO/SKOU invites visitors of the art centre to explore a system of singing planets.

This summer’s visitors in Nikolaj Kunsthal will play a central role when the artistic hybrid duo FOO/SKOU unfolds its practice based on its interest in sound at the crossroad between visual art, design and technology. It is the audience’s movements and physical presence that direct the sound in the exhibited work.

As part of the ”Disharmony of Spheres”, we also exhibit the system behind FOO/SKOU’s interactive sound installation. We do this seperately in the Tower Gallery opposite the Upper Gallery. This is done in the form of graphic prints which – in addition to acting as a medium for installation – also are the visual sound scores for FOO/SKOU’s iPhone app format4, which can be downloaded in the App Store. In this way, the audience can try their hands at ’singing planets’.

Where: Upper Gallery + Tower Gallery
When: 29 May – 22 August