Samara Sallam & Kate Sterchi: Sacred Internet in Climatime

Behind the creation of the exhibition "Sacred Internet in Climatime" is a story about two women who, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, engage in a personal and artistic exchange of words and memory interaction.

Behind the upcoming exhibition in Nikolaj Kunsthal’s exhibition space Platform stands Samara Sallam, who was born in Syria as a Palestinian refugee and has lived in Denmark since 2015.

Together with artist colleague and fellow student at the Funen Art Academy Kate Sterchi, she - despite the sea between them -.created a film that is occupied with conversation, dreams, mythology and memory.

The opening is on Thursday 7 September. Follow the event on Facebook right here (reference coming soon).

The exhibition "Sacred Internet in Climatime" has been created with support from the City of Copenhagen and the Danish Arts Foundation. The works have been commissioned by Rønnebæksholm for “Soil.Sickness.Society”, 2021, Bikubenfonden’s Vision Exhibition Award 2020.

Platform was created with support from Det Obelske Familiefond.

See the complete programme for Platform 2023.