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Nikoline Liv Andersen - Eden

At the crossroads between art and design, Nikoline Liv Andersen unfolds a lush and detailed textile interpretation of the Garden of Eden in middle of Nikolaj Kunsthal

The textile reliefs and sculptures tell stories of charity, fertility and faith, but also sin, doubt and alienation.

“Eden” is inspired by life as well as the fear of death, and thematically Nikoline Liv Andersen is preoccupied with the relationship between man and nature.

Nikoline Liv Andersen has previously worked as a designer for the Italian fashion brand Fendi and Saga Furs. Furthermore, she has worked as a costume designer for Björk on her Vulnicura Tour in 2015.

The exhibition ”Eden” is Nikoline Liv Andersen’s largest solo exhibition exhibition to date.

Where: Lower Gallery 
When: 4 September  – 16 January